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About Us

About Us


Brief introduction of our company :


Huizhou Huaruicheng Industry Co.,Ltd has been provideing quality commercial kitchen equipment for many years.

With many years of experience in the food services industry.

We have established ourselves as a trusted provider of quality products.

We believe in delivering a customer experience worth talking about.

To us ,every restaurant is unique,every ktichen is different .

Our clientele turn to us for a lots of reason.

We offer the best in class equipment and service for any food service business.

But ,in most cases,it distills down to a single word :TRUST.

Trust us to help you find the right kitchen equipment in China.

We have equipped all types of food service facilities ,from cafeterias to pizzerias.

We have the experience to meet all your needs.


We commonly serve these types of institutions :


A: Restaurant ( Chain&independent)

B:Corporate /industry food service facilities

C:Country clubs

D: Provate clubs



G:School & Universities

H:Health care facilities

I:Sports /Entertainment Venues

J:General public



We can help you with all your food service :

A: Commercial Kitchen Equipment

B: Baking Equipment

C:Food Processing Equipment

D:Food Production Equipment

E:Refrigeration Equipment

F:Dish washing Equipment

G:Cooking Equipment

H:Bar Equipment

I:Mixers & Equipment

J:Deli Equipment


L:Stainless steel work tables,wire sehlving and trolley.



Our Main market included : Middle East,Australia,USA,Europe,Africa and so on .

If you have any inquiry ,please do not hesitate to send email to us.

We sincerely welcome more friends around the world to contact us and hope to establish a long-term friendly business partnership as well as friendship with esteemed you in near future.




Our Factrory View :



Email us:

Sales Tel: 0086 13580594137
Business Mail Box: Jocyhuang26@hotmail.com or Sales_HRCkitchen@foxmail.com
Address:No.220 Luoyang road ,Huayu Industry Park,Huizhou, China   
Whatsapp/Wechat : 0086 13580594137
Skype : jocyhuang122622
QQ: 728990792

Sales Tel: +86 13580594137
Business MailBox: Jocyhuang26@hotmail.com or Sales_HRCkitchen@foxmail.com